Sunday, den 04.04.2021

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter and keep your ears stiff!

Our new collection arrived in our merchandise shop on time.
If that's not a coincidence ...

Tuesday, den 23.03.2021

17.04. - eXtravaganXa - DJ Stream

For a year now we haven't been able to welcome you to celebrate and play with you. Just escape from everyday life and live out your preferences is currently still not possible. But we miss you!

That's why we invite you to celebrate virtually with us on April 17th. The DJs Shady Miles and Rascal will deliver the finest electro beats straight to your living room! So connect the system, throw yourself in the finest kinky dress and make room to dance.

The livestream runs for free via our Twitch Account:

Monday, den 08.03.2021


Due to the pandemic and the resulting regulations we have to reschedule the date of the eXtravaganXa - back to the origin.

At this point it is unfortunately not possible to plan reliable dates this year.
Therefore we are forced to reschedule the date to May 21, 2022. The tickets remain valid!

We would like you to keep the following dates free in your calendar:

23.10.2021 - eXtravaganXa - Catonium Hamburg
11/27/2021 - Passion Night - Catonium Hamburg

If there are still opportunities for events this year, we will try to set something up for you of course.

Thank you for your understanding and support.
Please stay healthy & kinky!

Friday, den 24.04.2020

eXtravaganXa - postponed to 04/17/2021!

This news is particularly difficult for us today.

Due to the current corona pandemic, all events are still prohibited.
Events from 1000 people at least until August 31. and smaller ones currently without a time. For this reason we had no choice but to stay for the 25 years - eXtravaganXa - Back to Origin! to find a new appointment again. Since the eXtravaganXa in the Catonium is due again on October 24th and we all need a little planning security, we now have a catch-up date at the Docks Club on April 17th, 2021. All tickets remain valid and are automatically valid for the catch-up date.

We thank you for your patience, your support and your loyalty. We wish you all the best and health. So that we can all survive this gloomy time and celebrate Kinky together with you again soon.

Thursday, den 16.04.2020


As you can already see from the press, the federal government has decided that all major events will be prohibited until August 31 due to the current situation.

Because of the federal system in Germany, however, each federal state will still issue rulings and provide a definition of “major events”. Only when we know exactly whether our events are affected due to its size and location, we can tell you how to proceed.

We are in exchange for this and will inform you as soon as possible. Until then, we would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.


Wednesday, den 11.03.2020

eXtravaganXa - rescheduling!

Due to the current Covid-19 spread and the very understandable order of the Hamburg health authority to cancel all events over 1000 guests by April 30, 2020, we are relocating the eXtravaganXa - Back to Origin! on May 16, 2020.

All tickets remain valid.

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